iBISS-Net® (V.2.0) is a web-based, GIS-enabled decision support system (powered by Oracle 11g Spatial). This allows import of static engineering drawings into a single data warehouse and enables faster updates. The current version provides an attractive and user-friendly interface for enterprise-wide use and access of latest network asset information.

The Industry Problem & Our Solution

Today’s broadband network operators have implemented several routines for data collection, monitoring, and control, but with poor intra-system communications. As a result, valuable data of multiple formats are lost and under-utilized due to lack of ability to cross-reference or share data.

iBISS® is focused on bridging this gap between multi-systems and departments. iBISS® brings Operations, Engineering, Marketing, Business Services & Field Management functionality into the same page with analysis of network, operational, and market data through graphical overlay and report generation:

  • Eliminates the need for paper maps
  • Cross-links departments with a single data repository
  • Reduces truck rolls
  • Reduces mean time to respond (MTTR)
  • Increases network operations monitoring and analysis capabilities while decreasing maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Accurately identifies target market for new services

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(iBISS® is compatible on multiple devices - use in the office or on the field!)

Engineering & Operations Features

iBISS® provides an interactive, user-friendly interface that includes:

  • All OSP strand and fiber drawings accessible for interactive use
  • 24/7 remote access for field personnel provides up-to-date network information
  • Redline management process and tools to facilitate real time updates to data
  • Address listings by network asset: node, amplifier, power supply, and more
  • Fiber management tools to identify routing, priority, splicing, and related equipment
  • Locate fiber splices and view splicing diagrams
  • Accurate audit and estimation of applicable permits, fees and taxes
  • Significant time savings when combined with the use of iBISS® Field and iBISS® Mobile for integration with cellular phones and small devices.

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(Interactive dashboards and data that generate powerful reports)

Marketing & Commercial Services Features

iBISS® is a powerful product that intelligently identifies potential for new business and service opportunities. The features include:

  • Intelligent, accurate identification of new customers for promotional efforts
  • Market data cross-referenced with engineering or billing data through graphical overlay or reports
  • Sales territory mapping and analysis
  • Address listings by demographic: billing system status, market demographic, service area, and more
  • “Can We Serve” decision capability to locate addresses nearby plant facility on the map with the built-in iBISS® inference engine, without rolling trucks
(iBISS® is compatible with multiple browsers and was built using modern web languages)

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